Roadster is a cairo-based GPS mapping software.


Building and Using Roadster

Roadster is available via git:

git clone git://

Build it with:

cd roadster
sudo make install

Now roadster uses MySQL, so you have to configure the database connection parameters. Keep in mind that these are only used for the actual connection. After roadster is connected to the MySQL server, it attempts to create a database called 'roadster' if it doesn't exist and uses that one. That is, the 'database' connection parameter is used only for connecting to the server, not using that database (bug 12320).

To specify the connection parameters, create the directory ~/.roadster and edit the file ~/.roadster/roadster.conf. Put in it (substitute your actual values):

host = $host
user = $user
password = $password
database = $database

If you skip this step, or if you don't specify all of the parameters, roadster will use the defaults (local host, local user, no password, no database name).

Roadster uses data from the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line database to draw its maps. This is not distributed with Roadster. You have to download the map data for the counties you care about. Do this by choosing "Import U.S. Maps..." from the File menu. Then choose the counties you care about.

After the import has completed, dismiss the dialog and you are free to begin. To get started, type an address in the search box in the upper right and press enter.

Need Help?

The mailing list is the central means of communication for both development and users. If you have a question, ideas, or patches, please do visit. If you think you've found a bug in roadster, please do report it to the mailing list or directly enter it into bugzilla. Please do check the list of current bugs to see if someone else has already reported your bug.


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