cairo-perl — Perl bindings for cairo

cairo-perl provides a convenient and Perlish interface to the cairo graphics engine.


cairo-perl is available from the cairo-perl SVN module over at GNOME. To check it out, use:

svn co svn:// perl-Cairo

Released versions are available from CPAN. If you have set up, you can install cairo-perl with

cpan Cairo

cairo-perl is available under the terms of the LPGL version 2.1 or later.


The module itself contains an API listing that is available in HTML form on CPAN or in POD after you have installed cairo-perl:

perldoc Cairo

For more information, refer to the cairo manual. Most of its content is directly applicable to the Perl bindings as well.


For general help with using cairo and its Perl bindings, use the cairo mailing list. If the question clearly only concerns the Perl bindings, a better place might be the gtk-perl mailing list over on