Cairo's TODO list

The TODO list for cairo is separated into things to improve this website and things to improve the cairo library itself.

Website improvements

Library improvements

This is an attempt to collect all good ideas that have been proposed for inclusion in cairo. None of these items have been scheduled for a particular release, (see roadmap for those).

If you'd like to see an item on this list get into a particular release, let us know that you're planning on working on it, (via the mailing list), and you can move the item to roadmap with your name on it.

Changes that add new API (API changes/removals will not be considered)

Further comparison of cairo with other vector graphics languages, and in particular features that cairo lacks, can be found in missing.

Performance improvements

A list of pixman projects (a core component for Cairo) is available here.

A list of known performance issues with Cairo

Other fixes

Backend-specific improvements

Test-suite improvements

Integration improvements

Not strictly in cairo-land, but noted lest we forget.